Working with us

Working with us involves contributing directly to the success of Music for the Growing Mind. Your ideas, your enthusiasm and your time are invaluable to us.

Join us by taking on one of the following roles:


  • Management Committee
    by becoming part of the technical, educational or financial committees of Music for the Growing Mind you will be contributing to the formation of the operational policies of the organization.
  • Patron
    publicly known individuals or institutions, not necessarily active among the music community, who share our goals and support our activities are enhancing the reputation of Music for the Growing Mind both within and outside the communities we are establishing our schools in.
  • Friend of
    Music for the Growing Mind
    you don’t need to be an internationally acclaimed star to become a Friend of Music for the Growing Mind. If you share our values, believe in our approach, and see music as a powerful educational tool for children in need then join us as a Friend and spread the word!
  • Music Teacher
    the majority of our teaching personnel is being recruited locally. However, Music for the Growing Mind works to build international Schools of Orchestras. Our children will greatly benefit from the work of teachers coming from different
    backgrounds and cultures. Teachers will be required to follow the curricula set in place by our educational committee, but their international experience will add another dimension to the project and offer further opportunities for the development of the children benefiting from our activities.
  • Non-teaching personnel
    based mostly in the areas where our schools are located, non-teaching personnel, preferably of Chinese nationality, will be active in a number of institutional
    functions, such as administration, school management, logistics and communicating with local authorities.
  • In order to discuss with us about the help you feel bringing to our endeavor please click on the link below and chose one of the different ways to get in touch with us.


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