Together with us

As a growing international organization, we are actively seeking your support. If you believe in our cause and feel you can do something to contribute to achieve the ambitious targets of Music for the Growing Mind, this is your page.

Make a Donation

As a charitable institution, we are dependent on your financial support. In order to gather the financial resources needed for our operation, we work to secure large size, long term support from international foundations and institutions and welcome donations, large or small, from private individuals or smaller institutions. We will work hard to make every contribution - of whatever size - meaningful.

Our donation page includes an updated list of our current supporters, a real time representation of the status of our funding and some important information on how to make a donation to Music for the Growing Mind.


Work with us

You can also help by working with us. It is a delight when people commit their precious time to becoming a member of the organization and decide to work with us to help achieve our targets. Our current members include individuals from Asia, North America and Europe. Everybody, from every part of the world can play a role in Music for the Growing Mind’s success.

Please click on the link above to find out more about how you can work with us. You will also find a list of the current vacancies for remunerated positions that are available.