Music for the Growing Mind is an educational project. We seek to prepare the youngsters for a brighter future. The support and dedication of 'grown ups', whether by age or experience, is essential to the success of our initiative

We take the role of our Patrons very seriously and believe that they play a crucial role in increasing the public awareness and reputation of Music for the Growing Mind both locally, where our schools are located, and internationally. We therefore ask from our Patrons that they make an ‘active commitment’ to the children in our schools by dedicating a small fraction of their busy schedules to visit the schools, to meet the children and their parents, and to share with them their stories of success. For our children, they are a guiding light showing the way - through hard study, dedication and confidence - to achieve success in their future.

Our Patrons

Want to be our patron?

We are officially approaching several well known professionals within and outside the music community. If you wish to become a Patron for Music for the Growing Mind please follow the link below:


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