14 Nov 2013
Guest Charity at Finance Live event. Music for the Growing Mind will be the invited charity at the Finance Live event scheduled for November 21, 20...
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Music for the Growing Mind is organized by committees managing all the aspects of the operation of the institution and the schools. The committees are supervised by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Zhu Scott
  • Darwin Chen
  • Rainer Fuchsluger
  • Board of Advisors
    Our Advisors are very active and head committees in charge of crucial elements of our strategy. They are vital in the fundraising process providing suggestions for events and other occasions we can use to spread the word about our work with underprivileged children in Hong Kong and Mainland China. They also play a major role in the selection and training of teachers.
    Andrea Fessler
    William Lane
    Jacques Dumasy
  • Head of Administration
    Vivian Fong

Chairman of the Board

  • Jennifer Zhu Scott
  • Board members
    Darwin Chen
    Rainer Fuchsluger
    Reyna Harilela
  • Head of Administration
    Lila Siu

The completion of both the Board of Directors and the Advisors are still in progress. If you are interested in working with us to become part of our organization please click on link below: