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  • 14 November 2013

    Guest Charity at Finance Live event.

    Music for the Growing Mind will be the invited charity at the Finance Live event scheduled for November 21, 2013. "Finance Live!" is a charity rock concert being organized by a group of Hong Kong’s senior finance executives. Steve Bernstein, CEO of Sinopac Solutions + Services is the lead organiser of the event. We are extremely happy to report that the money raised during the event will be donated to Music for the Growing Mind. Please see the following link: http://www.sinopacsolutions.com/news/58?lang=en .

  • 12 November 2013

    Inaugural Gala at the Four Seasons.

    The Music for the Growing Mind's inaugural gala which was held at the Four Season hotel today was an outstanding success. We were able to raise north of 500K HKD which is covering a significant share of our budget next year. Donors have been very generous through their presence, their active silent auction bidding, their exciting power pledge. We thank again all our sponsors - which will appear in our dedicated website section forthcoming - and all participants to have supported us with their great generosity!

  • 12 October 2013

    Hong Kong Medical Association Orchestra Orchestra to play for our Charity Christmas Concert.

    The HKMAO, through his director Dr Charles Wong has accepted to donate the orchestra performance for our December 15 Charity Christmas Concert. Rehearsals are already underway to prepare for a festive and joyful event!

  • 10 February 2013

    Festive Generosity yields 22000HKD.

    Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Lunar New Year Fundraising campaign returned more than 22K HKD, a sum that was beyond our expectations and reflects the praise that our network is expressing over the opening of the school operations. We thank them warmly, here and in person and pledge to keep them up to date with our news from our 62 children. They are enjoying their Lunar new year break and will return to our classes on February 23.

  • 17 January 2013

    Official support from UNESCO.

    After our school opening, we have received an official support from UNESCO, the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This is not only a recognition of our efforts but also and especially so an incentive to go ahead, to be even more efficient and thorough in our mission in Hong Kong.

  • 12 January 2013

    January 12th, 2013: the opening day of the Southern Hong Kong Music for the Growing Mind school.

    After more than 2 years of careful preparation, we have opened our South Hong Kong operations. 62 children - aged 6-8 years old have started their free training in our school. They have all received their free instrument, a violin, a viola, a cello. They will attend class every week.

    We are currently working on a new section of the website which will be entirely dedicated to the school. We will post pictures and other details.

  • January 2013

    Education curricula to be presented and discussed with our teachers on January 7th.

    As Music for the Growing Mind follows a non-standard music education model, heavily inspired by El Sistema in Venezuela, we take great care in selecting and train our teachers to the methods we want to develop in our schools. Although our philosophy is to provide ample room for teachers creativity in their methods, we establish general guidelines for curricula that all our schools will follow. In particular for the first year there are four crucial skills that will have to be developed by our teachers:

    - Notes and rhythmical proficiency

    - Posture

    - The 'listening' to each other

    - Expression and sound quality

    We will soon post in a new section of our website a more detailed description of our methods.

  • January 2013

    Information session for families held.

    On December 26th, we have held an information session for the families of the children who are going to attend our schools. All invited families attended the event without exception. The parents listened carefully to short presentations of the program by Luca Silipo, our Chairman and Mr. Morgan Lam, our board member and chairman of the Hong Kong Southern District Orchestra. A short performance of members of the HKSDO ensued where parents and children were able to listen to the sound of the instruments they are about to be taught. After a Q&A session, parents were given a contract in which precise requirements in terms of attendance to classes and care for the instrument were clearly specified. As of today (January 2nd) we have received 100% of the contracts back and we have therefore completed our process of students selection.

  • December 2012

    First Music for the Growing Mind school to open in Hong Kong on January 2013.

    We are excited to announce that the first Music for the Growing Mind school of orchestra will start on January 12th, 2013 in Hong Kong. This achievement has been made possible thanks to our generous donors and the constant work of our organisation. The school will welcome 60 children from 6 to 8 years of age, joining the school with a severe undepriviliged background. The children, with no previous music education will join the school and forming from the first day of their education a string orchestra. They will be given free music education for two hours a week. They will be trained in violin, viola and cello. Their instrument will be donated to them as the care for the instrument is an important element of our trainign programme. We will soon update our website dedicating a whole section to our first school. Updates and pictures will be posted regularly.

  • December 2012

    Partnership with Hong Kong Southern District Orchestra signed.

    We have secured a partnership with the Hong Kong Southern District Orchestra (HKSDO). Mr. Morgan Lam, the chairman of HKSDO has been invited to be a member of our board. A reciprocating invitation has been extended to our Chairman, Luca Silipo. We will leverage on the multi-year experience of HKSDO in forming and managing orchestras of young people to make sure that our education activites are successful in the short and in the long term. Do not hesitate to visit their website (www.hksdorchestra.com) to know more about this crucial partner for our activites in Hong Kong