14 Nov 2013
Guest Charity at Finance Live event. Music for the Growing Mind will be the invited charity at the Finance Live event scheduled for November 21, 20...
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Our Philosophy

We believe that music education is a powerful instrument in the development of children in challenging social and economic conditions.

Inspired by 'El Sistema' - created by Jose Antonio Abreu in 1975 in Venezuela Bad Credit Payday Loans from 1500Loans online - we adapt elements of that method to today's Hong Kong and China, its cultural and educational heritage and the determination of children to excel in their life.

We create and manage 'Schools of Orchestra', independent communities where children are taught for free to play music. As they form an orchestra from day one, they develop the discipline of working together, learn to pursue excellence for a collective aim and to build their self-esteem and attain recognition from the outer social circles.

As the orchestras become part of a way of life, they resonate pride, joy and are a reason for advancement in the community which grows together with them.